Melania Embarking On Three-State “Be Away From Your Creepy Husband” Tour

First Lady Melania Trump is embarking on a three-state tour on which she wants to promote a positive message on how to ‘be best’.

“Like if you realize you’re with the wrong person but are stuck with them for whatever reason – ‘be best’ by finding distractions that take you elsewhere.”

She will also be discussing the opioid crisis that’s gripping the nation.

“Research has shown that living in an empty depressing environment can cause people to turn to dangerous drugs. So find a way to get out of that environment, even if it’s only for a little while.”

Bullying will also be on the agenda, as that’s an issue close to her heart.

“You can try standing up to bullies, but you can also walk away and ignore them. Just pretend they don’t exist at all. It helps, believe me.”

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  1. This is rich from a woman who became First Lady with her physical attractiveness, plastic surgery and blow jobs.

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