Melania Says Don’t Judge My Xmas Décor Until Goat Heads And Pentacles Are Added

(The White House) First Lady Melania Trump has described rampant criticism of this year’s Christmas décor as wildly premature as she has not even finished it yet.

“Once the dead goat heads and pentacles are added it will all make sense.”

She said it was terribly unfair for her trees dipped in the blood of newborn lambs slayed upon the alter of darknesss to be the subject of such scrutiny before she had a chance to properly adorn them with the Sigil of the Baphomet.

“That’s like judging the Rockefeller tree before the ribbons and ball ornaments have been put on.”

She was quick to respond to suggestions that a more traditional décor of holly wreathes and festive garland should have been used.

“Oh I think my design is much more appropriate for this White House. Don’t you?”

10 Comments on "Melania Says Don’t Judge My Xmas Décor Until Goat Heads And Pentacles Are Added"

  1. Personally, I think this is funny, a reaction to the FLOTUS’s previous decorating attempts at the White House. Oh, and people, this is a SATIRICAL site, so if you’re offended, my Gods, grow up!

  2. No matter what The First Lady does there’s going to be criticism.

  3. The Sigil of Baphomet is the sign of Satan. The devil. Is this what she plans on putting on those red (for BLOOD) trees??? What is our country coming to. Trump says he is a christian. Not hardly.

  4. I have never seen so many people act so retarded, What the hell is wrong with you people, I think it looks fabulous ! I don’t see you smartasses doing anything but running that mouth, Grow the hell up

  5. Get real people, It’s a Satirical Site. Shame on all except the few. Especially those who wish them harm.

  6. This kind of reaction to our First Lady is DISGGRACEFUL AND AWFUL. They obviously have an agenda to disgrace her and this whole administration which has been hated by the sore losers since Trump won. what next?????

  7. Why would they care what we think we are just poor people and he don’t care about us poor people. But that is ok someday what goes around comes around.

  8. It will look great festooned with the bones and entrails of the press corps, her husband added

  9. If that’s how your country decorate.. Maybe you need to go back to Slovenia or where ever you and your parents came from! Your making OUR HOUSE a disgrace..

    • Don’t worry about the White House, it will have to undergo a thorough decontamination when they leave, and an exorcism would be a good idea too.

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