Melania Trump To Defect To North Korea During Upcoming Summit

President Trump was delighted to learn that wife Melania has expressed a desire to accompany him on his historic summit with the leader of North Korea, which he expects will cement his legacy as a can-do statesman.

However sources close to the First Lady say the real reason she is so eager to go is because she plans to defect.

“It’s all been worked out.”

Kim Jong-un agreed to the request, but expressed surprise that anyone would want to defect to his country.

“She does realize I run horrible labor camps and that most of the country is starving?”

However he has been assured by her representatives that she is fully aware of the conditions and it sounds just lovely.

“You need to consider she situation is coming from, then you will understand.”

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  1. I find it curiously coincedental that the very week Trump has scheduled a second meeting with Kim, that the Mueller investigation is coming to a close.
    No, it is Trump himself who will defect to North Korea to avoid being prosecuted in this country. From there, he will then travel to Russia to become an honored guest of Vladimir Putin and a permanent resident in that country.

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