Melania Trump Gives First Look At Refreshed White House Rose Garden

(The White House) First Lady Melania Trump has given a first look at what she described as a ‘refreshing’ of the famed Rose Garden. The updated look was eagerly awaited as Trump has already made quite a name for herself with her bold White House Christmas decorating. Initial reactions expressed concern that the eponymous rose bushes were gone, but the First Lady quickly allayed those fears.

“Rose bushes are there. They are just dead. Very dead.”

She explained her refreshing process in detail to Home & Garden magazine.

“I kill everything, add marsh, then accent with skull of vanquished enemy.”

Some finicky critics continued to insist the new look was inappropriate, but Trump vigorously defended her makeover.

“I believe it is most appropriate to times we are in. Don’t you?”


6 Comments on "Melania Trump Gives First Look At Refreshed White House Rose Garden"

  1. ! Delightful!

  2. John Svensson | August 23, 2020 at 7:41 pm | Reply

    Theys people alway blame the lats political person. In this case it is probably true.

  3. Should have planted Oleander…
    And have Pillow guy as a Scarecrow!

  4. Kim K Giannotti | August 23, 2020 at 6:22 pm | Reply

    youre a sad soul and should not have the pleasure of loving here with such hate in your heart god will forgive you though, hes a republican

  5. Both her and the idiot she was arranged to marry are dumbasses! Why would we, as Americans, have an idiot who can’t go to a lot of countries without fear of being killed and a Russian plant agent? Either way, both should end up like those of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI! That would be more entertaining!

    • So true what you wrote, History Melania Trump forgot to read about the Rose Garden before destroying it! Jackie Kennedy will come back to haunt you now since she put it in for the memories Jack Kennedy who gave his life for this country!

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