Melania Trump To Go On Three-Year Shopping Trip To New York City

Following her recent recovery, First Lady Melania Trump is well again and eager to go on a New York shopping spree to draw attention to clothiers and other vendors of goods in the nation’s tourist capital.

“I would hate to neglect any of NYC’s vendors while I am there, so I plan to visit every single one of them on my trip.”

With New York City being such a vast metropolis with untold numbers of commercial enterprises,  it’s estimated a shopping trip that takes in all of them could take years, but the 48 year old former model says she is undeterred.

“I also plan to try out every single hot dog stand and pizza parlor during my visit too.”

This is despite estimates that it could take an additional six months even if she visited ten or more a day.

“It’s a sacrifice I am willing to make so none of our fine food purveyors feel left out in the cold”

Depending on how things work out in 2020, the First Lady says she may then go on a shopping spree that covers all of America.

“Except for Washington DC, as I think I’ve done enough shopping there to last me a lifetime.”

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