Melania Trump Releases List Of Exceptions To Her BE BEST* Campaign

After being accused of being a hypocrite, Melania Trump today clarified that there was a mistake in the original printed material for her anti-bullying campaign, which should have read BE BEST*.

“It was supposed to include symbol that looks like little anus to indicate there are the exceptions.”

The First Lady explained that the small print detained all the exceptions to her campaign so she is no hypocrite. For clarity she is publishing the list in full of people you do not have to Be Best to:

  • Greta Thunberg
  • Kids who prefer mowing lawns to meeting the President
  • Babies that cry too much at campaign rallies
  • Barron if he’s giving me lip
  • Any Swedish kids called Greta just to be safe
  • Any kids on the spectrum
  • Immigrant kids**

**still living

15 Comments on "Melania Trump Releases List Of Exceptions To Her BE BEST* Campaign"

  1. Those left alive will be gathered and judged.

  2. Those left alive will be gathered and judged.
    Those that followed Christ will be on the right, and those that took the mark and worshipped the Antichrist will be on the left at the Judgment of the Nations. Those on the left will be cast into the lake of fire.

  3. When Jesus speaks, things come to pass. The entire planet will be like a winepress, and the people like grapes that are ripe for the harvest. Throughout the earth, the noise will be loud and terrifying.

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  8. Sounds like pure bullshit to me

  9. Kathleen Deschauer | December 13, 2019 at 10:07 pm | Reply

    Why didn’t someone in her camp explain that “be best” is NOT PROPER ENGLISH? I cringe every time I see or hear it!! So sad!

  10. Let’s change the slogan from “Be Best” to “Who Is A Hypocrite?”

  11. She, like the chump she’s married to have their own set of rules. Hypocrisy is a monumental understatement for them.

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