Merkel Says She Will Treat Trump’s NATO ‘Invoice’ Like He Treats His Contractors’ Bills

German government sources have confirmed that President Trump did indeed make up a 300 billion dollar ‘NATO invoice’ which he presented to Chancellor Merkel when she was in Washington DC.

The move is considered perplexing as NATO is a treaty organization and no one country gets to charge the others for membership.

“Perhaps your President mixed up NATO with his Mar-a-Lago resort?”

Merkel was not unsympathetic to Trump behavior, however, saying she too has an active imagination that loved to make up invoices.

“It was right after I got my Fisher Price cash register in 1960. Oh the fun I had presenting daddy with bills for having my teddy bears help him fix things.”

When asked how she planned to respond to the demand, Merkel implied she would be taking her lead from President Trump.

“Tell Donald I’m going to treat his ‘invoice’ just like he treats the ones from his contractors and caterers. Ha!”

This follows Merkel’s earlier quip that she would make good on what she owed the United States by picking up the tab for the victims of the Bowling Green massacre – which is what she may have been alluding to when she tweeted:

“Whoever said Germans don’t have a sense of humor are wrong. So wrong!”

Merkel then said she’d couldn’t afford to take any more questions on the subject of President Trump as she was too busy with the many serious issues plaguing the world.

7 Comments on "Merkel Says She Will Treat Trump’s NATO ‘Invoice’ Like He Treats His Contractors’ Bills"

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  2. Check for 666 somewhere on Presidents head

  3. Merkel witty repartee is fine with us. We are desperately trying to keep our sense of humor with this idiot in office.

  4. Too bad it is not true! I think it a wonderfully funny statement!

    • You are so wrong there. He did present her with a bill, that Moron. He does not even know how the NATO works, but wants to bill others. He should sweep in his own front yard, when it comes to paying bills.

  5. Willis Richardson | March 27, 2017 at 5:20 pm | Reply

    Chancellor Merkel, you go girl. Want a job as president of the US?

  6. Thank you for stating that this satirical at the top of the page, so as not to confuse people with fake news. Bravo

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