Meteorologists Downgrade Ann Coulter To Subhuman Category

In a day packed with weather news, meteorologists have downgraded the person known as Ann Coulter to subhuman category status. They say this should come as no surprise and follows a fairly consistent trajectory.

“Ann Coulter started out as a fairly low-grade human to begin with, and has been losing force for years.”

The change in status was prompted by a wave of tweets that washed over the continental Unites States this morning.

“We should probably have made this call earlier to be honest, but we like to give the benefit of the doubt.”

They advise people that the best way to deal with the adverse conditions created by Ann Coulter is to ignore her.

“I wish I could tell you that Ann Coulter will be moving out to sea soon, but sadly she’s probably going to stick around on land for some time to come.”

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  1. Ann Coulter is a cunt. NOTHING more. Useless bag of shit that should be removed from existence. She has never had anything postive to say. Never will. Only hate spews from her cunt. Thats all she is.

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