Meteorologists Warn Massive Ego Over US Could Cause Widespread Damage

The National Weather Service has issued an alert concerning a massive ego formation situated over the continental United States that is expected to become highly volatile in the near future causing widespread disruption.

The ego has been present on the eastern seaboard for decades but has grown to huge proportions over the past year, especially after detouring south over Mexico briefly, where Gulf temperatures caused it to expand at a terrifying pace.

But the enormous weather formation is expected to collide with reality during the early hours of November 9th or even late on November 8th, causing giant masses of hot air to undergo a violent abrupt contraction.

People are warned to remain indoors until conditions calm down as there are also expected to be microbursts of anger throughout the tornado valley region, as well as pockets of the rust belt.

Computer models have also revealed another path that is statistically very improbable but cannot be entirely discounted. In this scenario the ego doesn’t deflate at all, but expands exponentially to encompass the entire globe, leading to untold destruction that could constitute an extinction level event.

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