Mexico Offers To Pay For Sandpit To Go With Trump’s Baby Wall

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador today indicated his country’s willingness to go along with President Trump’s call to pay for some of his infrastructure projects following what they say was an initial misunderstanding of his intentions.

“We mistakenly thought you were building a provocative border wall between our countries, and not this excellent baby fence you have penned yourself in with.”

With the fence already complete without their help, President
Obrador said the Mexican people instead want to pay for a nice sandpit to go with it.

“We have picked out a really cute green turtle sandpit we found online. Or maybe you would prefer a purple-hippo-themed one instead? Just let us know.”

Mexico will also replenish the pit periodically by sending shipments of sand from its beautiful Cozumel beaches to account for the inevitable depletion over time.

“And also anytime a little ‘accident’ befalls the President while he’s playing in it of course.”


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