Michael Phelps Returns To Regular Job Towing Allegheny River Barge Cargo

[Pittsburgh, PA] With his fifth Olympics behind him, record-breaking swimmer Michael Phelps has bid farewell to Rio and returned to his regular employment towing bituminous coal for the Consol Energy company.

While he has been heralded by much of the country for the past two weeks, Phelps says he doesn’t expect to be treated any differently from the other towboats transporting cargo on the Allegheny and Ohio rivers once he’s back on the job.

He’s glad for the work in the current economic environment, though with his ability to run on Valu-Time spaghetti and raw eggs, he is sure to always be in high demand given that the only alternatives are diesel-based.

Asked if he would be returning to the Olympics in 2020 to collect even more medals, Phelps said that would depend on his level of fitness and whether his employer will give him the time off.

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