Mike Pence In Recovery After Viewing Statue Of Molly Malone While In Ireland

Image credit: by Rajeev Aloysius via Wikipedia/Commons license CC BY-SA 3.0.

American Vice President Mike Pence is said to be in stable condition tonight after ‘taking a turn’ while being shown a bronze statue of Molly Malone that is a well-known tourist attraction in Ireland.

“He noted how well polished it was before realizing what he was looking at.”

People in the vicinity of the statue in Dublin’s Suffolk Street said they watched the Vice President become increasingly distressed.

“He also starting screaming for his mother?”

Pence was already said to have already been in quite a state beforehand having spent time in the company of Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, 40, who is also a workout enthusiast and an openly gay man.

“It’s been a very confusing trip for Veep to say the least.”

12 Comments on "Mike Pence In Recovery After Viewing Statue Of Molly Malone While In Ireland"

  1. So who do you suppose will have the first heart attack, Mike Pence or Mother??

  2. To those native American people who have posted such nice comments here, I would like to thank you for your support of the starving Irish during the famine here in the 1840’s. People with little, giving more than they could afford, to save people they would never meet.
    I’d also like to point out the irony of a Trump administration with so many Irish Americans with no sense of
    their own history.

  3. Some of the best moments of my life I lived in Ireland.

  4. Regina O'Leary | September 5, 2019 at 6:18 am | Reply

    Me I’m quite charmed to see this bronze sculpture of Sweet Molly Malone of such old tune fame!!

  5. I, too as a Native American ( still debating whether I stay a citizen ) would also like to apologize on behalf of more than
    2/3 of the American people who are NOT brain-dead, white trash crackers. This administration embarrasses all TRULY
    Decent and genuinely good people. My admiration and respect go out to your beautiful land and people.

    • I, tok am at least part Native American as i recently found out my Real Greatgrandmother was full Cherokee. We are also debating leaving and moving to the UK. Wales actually. Good day to you and Blessed Be.

  6. Oh my! Mother will not be pleased! Better hurry up and say a few HM’s to get that gay man image out of your thoughts Mikey!

  7. I would like to apologize… Not for being an American, but on behalf of 1/3 of our citizens and their politics that elected Chump, the “Orange Ogre” and his “Swamp Monsters”.

    I would like to one day, visit the lovely country that is Ireland and not be thought of as part of an evil nation. I have more love in my heart than to be considered part of that which has alienated us from the rest of the world.

    Again… my sincere apologies. Just know that there a LOT of us that don’t feel the same way as our leaders and with some luck and common sense, we’ll change the situation next year (if not sooner).

  8. 😄😄😄😄😄
    Thankee for this Joyous news.
    May he make a full recovery and finally come out of the closet😁

  9. I’m so glad I de dint ave a cup of ale in me mouth when I sar dis good news!

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