Millions Of Americans At Risk Of Being Fired If Presidential Motorcade Passes Them

Economists are warning that the United States is at imminent risk of structural collapse due to mass unemployment, as the implications of a woman being fired by her employer for giving the finger to the Presidential motorcade are sinking in.

“If this were just the case of one individual’s misfortune there would be no national consequences, but we fear the number of people who would do the same are in the tens or even hundreds of millions.”

They predict vast numbers of American workers would be helpless to avoid giving the middle finger salute, with most of them working for businesses who would not hesitate to consider that a firing offense.

“America could be flipped into economic disaster!”

Therefore the White House is being urged to keep the President’s motorcade far away from critical structures like power plants, where workers are highly likely to offer up something to spin on, and owners are unlikely to countenance disrespect towards someone about to give them a massive tax break.

“Just keep him indoors from now on!”

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3 Comments on "Millions Of Americans At Risk Of Being Fired If Presidential Motorcade Passes Them"

  1. Sounds like a good idea!

  2. Suzanne Elmore | November 8, 2017 at 9:25 am | Reply

    Ridiculous!! Here’s my middle finger!! No one in the working class is going to get a “massive” tax break! That’s laughable!! And if free expression in America will get anyone fired, then I woke up in the wrong country! I can’t wait until they all get indicted and convicted for everything from collusion to treason! Trump and all his cronies need to get out of MY White House!!!!!

  3. I’m self employed so I would use 2 middle fingers.

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