Mitch McConnell Posts Flashdance Video To Youtube To Boost Popularity

Saying he’s looking forward to a huge leap in his likability ratings, Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell today uploaded a video of him performing the iconic dance routine from Flashdance to the internet.

“It took a while to convert it from Betamax to a format accepted by Youtube, but now it is there for all to enjoy.”

McConnell said he never feels more comfortable than when wearing a loose fitting cutoff grey sweatshirt, and wishes the attire would be accepted on the Senate floor.

“And neon leggings, of course.”

He said if people are really nice to him he may even convert his Super 8 movies of him gyrating ‘Elvis-style’.

“Thank you very much.”

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  1. Jennifer Beals should feel soiled by this.

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