Mueller Asks FBI To Begin Preparations For Impeachment Parade

Image credit: 'Briefcase Brigade' by Flickr user mikemeck license CC BY-SA 2.0.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller sent a clear signal today that his Russia probe was progressing when he requested that the Federal Bureau of Investigation immediately commence planning an Impeachment Parade.

“James Comey has already asked to serve as lead baton twirler.”

Some worried about the cost, though Mueller said no public money need be used.

“I’ve been assured a crowdfunding campaign could raise it privately in about 10 seconds.”

Others expressed doubts that DC roads could withstand the punishment.

“That many lawyers and credible witnesses will tear the tarmac up.”

But the biggest concerns are that the very idea of a such a parade runs contrary to the anti-royalist origins of the United States.

“This is not the way we do things in this country.”

However Mueller has given assurances that his impeachment parade will not echo those of more authoritarian regimes.

“We won’t even execute him by firing squad – just peacefully celebrate driving him from office in a lawful manner.”

15 Comments on "Mueller Asks FBI To Begin Preparations For Impeachment Parade"

  1. So many briefcases, so few witches.

  2. So many briefcases, so few witches.

  3. Bravo Breakingburgh, you are really stepping on your game. Maybe our Dear Leader (in name only of course) is making it so easy for you but I have been laughing out loud (Yes, so much so that it just deserves to be spelled out). Keep up the good work folks! Now more than ever, America needs to keep laughing, so we can fight the bullshit while we can.

  4. Well I guess this is the end of the Presidency.This coup will create problems for future Presidents which could to bough and paid for dictatorship. The treasonous choice was theres…you reap what you sow.

  5. Trump 2020 to hell with all liberals and Mueller he’s the crook

  6. every dam one of you crooks just try and get trump out you assholes are about to open a can of worms that i dont think you can win you need to stop

    • real american. | February 11, 2018 at 6:05 pm | Reply

      Translated into English:

      “Every damn one of you crooks, just try and get Trump out of office! You assholes are about to open a can of worms that I don’t think you can win. You need to stop!”

      You’re welcome.

  7. HELL if I would do anything for that Bozo Airhead trump except open the door as he was leaving for good!Which I hope will be soon.

  8. Dorothy sapo scheisskopf

  9. Dorothy Sapp Schwarzkopf | February 8, 2018 at 4:03 pm | Reply

    We won’t do no such thing We The People of the USA will stand up for Trump

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