Mueller Confirms He Has Someone Very High Up In White House Helping Him

Special Counsel Robert Mueller privately confirmed today what many had long suspected – that he has someone high up in the Trump Administration helping him with his investigation.

“I don’t want to give him away, but let’s just say each time he opens his mouth it’s a great help.”

In order to protect the identities of all involved, direct meetings never take place, with the information flow hidden in plain sight on social media instead.

“Despite these restrictions, my source keeps coming up with killer stuff that will prove invaluable when it comes time to bring this investigation to a conclusion.”

Mueller is confident the insider can remain anonymous, as he follows all the steps a seasoned agent in the field would take.

“He’s very good at confusing people as to his true intentions, since to the casual observer he just seems like a buffoon whose interests don’t extend beyond getting back on the golf course as soon as possible. The perfect mole, in other words.”

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  1. …the person who wrote that immediately-previous comment is a Jack-Hole…
    …or will it be the person who posts immediately AFTER me..?

  2. Bull shit just more bogus info dump d on the American public. Hey maybe the inside informationworld is is coming from Pense. What a
    Gullible bunch of confirmed
    Assholes. . Do you believe tomorrow the earth is going to explode?You sucks
    Will stoop
    To anything with your hatred for Tump- I say it is unbelievable what a
    Bunch of fools you atte

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