Mueller Proposes Ending Shutdown By Giving Trump Four Walls

The chances for a permanent end to the Government shutdown increased markedly today when Robert Mueller announced he was close to ending the impasse by giving Trump his wall.

“Not just one – four of them.”

Mueller promised the walls he had in mind were not flimsy fences, but made of solid reinforced concrete.

“They will be unbreechable, believe me.”

Under his plan, Mueller maintains, not only will the shutdown ends, but many other problems will also be solved.

“My four-wall plan solves so many problems. It’s the best plan.”

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  1. Thank you Mr. Mueller! I hope and pray whatever the results of your investigation come soon and somehow gets this man out of the WH! With so many that have been involved and charged in this horrendous affair one would think the prime player would certainly also be guilty and not permitted to hold the office as president on this great country! Again I thank you and your team for the excellent job you have done!

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