Muslim Terrorists Better Than Ever At Impersonating White Male Christians

As Americans listen to news of yet another mass shooting, a pattern is emerging that is very disturbing.

“It seems these pesky Muslims are getting even better at impersonating white male Christians.”

Law enforcement’s job is made all the more difficult as they keep an eye out for men with long beards in flowing robes, only to find the latest Muslim terrorist has given them the slip.

“Time and time again they manage it. They even go as far as lightening their skin.”

Right-minded Americans are urged to keep an even closer eye on their Muslim neighbors, or anyone who looks different.

“Hopefully this way we can catch them as they effect their nefarious transformation into one of us.”

4 Comments on "Muslim Terrorists Better Than Ever At Impersonating White Male Christians"

  1. Good one! I wouldn’t be surprised if tRump-lovers believe this!

  2. Bobby Sanberdino | September 7, 2019 at 10:40 am | Reply

    Can’t tell if you are furthering the satirical vibe or if y’all some sheeple…

  3. Please spare me anymore white nationalistic bullshit…!

  4. If only one ‘specific brainless wonder’ could figure this out!

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