Mystery Candidate Wearing “I’m Not Trump” Paper Bag Poised To Win In 2020

As one big-name Democrat after another announces their intention for run for President in 2020, the one most likely to prevail has emerged as a mystery candidate wearing a paper bag with “I’m not Trump” on it.

“Whoever it is, they sure know how to hone their message.”

Reached for comment via email on what the candidate’s policies were, a one-line response was forthcoming.

“I believe this paper grocery bag atop my head tells you everything you need to know.”

Pundits said, though it hardly matters, it was still fun to guess who the candidate might be.

“It could be a complete unknown, or it could be Joe Biden cleverly neutralizing the age issue while retaining the essential characteristic that makes him appealing.”

Early polling indicates the I’m-Not-Trump-Paper-Bag-Wearing Mystery Candidate is the leading favorite to take the White House in 2020.

“My only advice would be to not take that bag off whoever you are, as it would only dilute your powerful message that is resonating so well with the American public.”

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