Nancy Pelosi Reportedly Developing New Clap For Looming Shutdown Talks

With shutdown talks again on the horizon, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is getting into full battle mode, as news leaked she is urgently developing a new, even more sarcastic clap with which to own the President.

“You won’t believe what she is coming up with.”

Pelosi has indicated she doesn’t even plan to talk at all during the negotiations, instead relying on a dazzling array of slow clapping, eyebrow arching, and looking faintly disappointed like a parent who knows their child is destined to be held back over and over.

“Chuck Schumer, not being quite such a natural, is focusing on eye rolls which is his strongest area.”

Politician of all stripes are said to be in awe of the Pelosi’s ability to get under Trump’s skin. Others simply revert to Yodaisms to describe the Speaker.

“Sarcasm energy much she has.”

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