Nate Silver Predicts Write-In Candidate ‘Zika Virus’ Would Win If Election Were Held Today

With both Trump’s and Clinton’s conventions now behind them, political forecaster Nate Silver has released his latest prediction of who would win the general election if it were held today – finding with 80% certainty that write-in candidate ‘Zika Virus’ would prevail.

Silver says his unusual result makes perfect sense when you think about it.

“Right now Zika Virus has strong name recognition and less negative connotations associated with it than either of the Party nominees.”

Though the virus doesn’t appear to have many positive qualities, it at least hasn’t callously slandered veterans and isn’t embroiled in an email controversy.

“And despite its terrible effect on pregnancy, Zika Virus is still a lot better on women’s issues than Trump.”

The reasons why the single-stranded RNA genome is doing better than Hillary Clinton are less clear, though Silver suspect it all comes down to likeability.

“Just ask yourself who you would rather sit down and have a beer or glass of wine with.”

Silver predicts Zika Virus topping the polls will prove to be temporary as it continues to infect more and more Americans and cause increasing harm to society.

“Unfortunately for Zika Virus the election is still months away, by which time I expect its political star will have faded.”

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