Nation Cautiously Optimistic After Taking Bold Chance On Leader Who Can Read And Write

The United States of America is said to be cautiously optimistic today just weeks after breaking with tradition by installing a leader who can both read and write. Political observers said it was a bold choice, but one that appeared to be holding up.

“This radical departure into the unknown has not turned out to be a total disaster – at least so far.”

The high-stakes change is expected to come with substantial risks, such as sober articulation of coherent policies, an embarrassingly high level of transparency, and the near-certainty of losing friends.

“Sadly, some of our most cherished despots may no longer take our calls.”

However, defenders of the remarkable experiment point out that history is rife with successful political gambles on literate individuals, and that even more conventional choices like Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush had some facility with language and reason.

“I know this is nerve-racking but as a nation we’ve been here before and survived.”


9 Comments on "Nation Cautiously Optimistic After Taking Bold Chance On Leader Who Can Read And Write"

  1. Love this and SO accurate!!

  2. We should all help Trump Republicans after all it isn’t their fault. They fell beneath a cult leader who tell them what they want to hear they are so deep under his leadership they will not believe anything but what he says. We should do everything in our power to deprogram them. I know they say they can believe in anyone they want but what always happens with cults they self-explode with a lot of collateral damage. No one wants that for family members or friends. We should stop blaming the victims and help instead.

  3. This is a joke post RIGHT???

  4. You are a idiot and so is Joe Biden and he is not the president of the United States he is a cheat and a criminal

  5. Mark W. Nesbihal | January 29, 2021 at 7:00 pm | Reply

    What dumbass wrote that headline ? Creepy old Biden will be the downfall of America ! He’s already got half the world pissed off us ! Trump showed you Liberal assholes in the media what you really are FAKE NEWS!

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