Nation Says Goodbye To Carolinas After Trump Says Disaster Response Will Be As Successful As Puerto Rico

The United States said its farewells to North and South Carolina today, after President Trump announced that federal disaster aid to the states following hurricane damage would be ‘as successful as it was in Puerto Rico’.

“I guess that’s it then.”

Residents are being urged to move somewhere else where they won’t have to worry about disasters that require competent federal government assistance.

“We suggest Vermont, or Canada to be on the safe side.”

Initially State officials had hoped to come through the storm battered but intact, until Trump said he would help them just like he helped the Caribbean U.S territory.

“We kind of hoped that he would know the Carolinas are part of the United States and that would make all the difference. Oh well.”

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  1. Writing from Puerto Rico; my wife and I are very grateful for the help that the Trump administration afforded our island. We’re also very ashamed of the conduct of the mayor of San Juan who clearly has an anti-American agenda and has used the Maria emergency to push it. Apparently she was complicit in hiding the materials intended for rebuilding the electrical grid so that she could accuse the President of doing too little to help the island. It was after a local ports worker published on Facebook photographs of the construction materials stockpiled at the San Juan port that this terrible crime against the Puerto Rican people and against the generosity of the Americans who relocated here in order to give their hands-on help in getting this island back on its feet. Personally, we were without electricity for four months and without water for several weeks. We were under a form of martial law also, a curfew under which we were threatened with arrest if we weren’t off the streets by three p.m. So, it was not easy but we’re still here; and the Carolinas will be also.
    Hopefully, their infrastructure isn’t as neglected as ours was because of corrupt administrators of those agencies responsible for its upkeep.
    In my opinion, there will be no need to say goodbye to the Carolinas. Rather, respect should be directed to President Trump, and gratitude for the great he gave Puerto Rico in this, our time of need.

  2. Never forget that the way which leads to heaven is narrow; that the gate leading to life is narrow and low; that there are but few who find it and enter by it; and if there be some who go in and tread the narrow path for some time, there are but very few who persevere therein. – Saint Clare of Assisi

  3. I’ll have what Judy’s on…

  4. Edward Falcetta | September 12, 2018 at 9:34 pm | Reply

    im of the opinion that we need to be ready to embrace those across the aisle when they finally wake up ….. when , not if , this storm wrecks the havoc they predict , the Carolina’s will be the final straw….

  5. You mean that the $46 Billion it has received in Federal aid hasn’t helped. That is probably because that before Huricane Maria they were in depth to the tune of $120 Billion +. This is primarily due to corupt Peurto Rican politicians ( go figure) and generous pensions to public servants that nowhere else in the US has (outside of D.C.). It is all Trumps fault, right.

  6. Annette L. Hubner | September 12, 2018 at 12:37 pm | Reply

    Do You Actually Think Dumb Dumb Donnie, The Mango Moron Gives A Shit About You, Or The GOP For That Matter? Dick Head trump Has Been A Self-Serving Dick Headed, Dip Shit For Yests! All He Is aout To Do Is Line His Pockets, His Family’s, The One% And Corporations With Our Tax Dollars! Get Real And Use The Brains God Gave You For Gods Sakes!

  7. Judy deserves to lose everything with her head that far up her ass. Trump working overtime? Malarkey. Glad you left pa. Now reap what you’ve sown down there you deplorable.

  8. Just found this site. Love it! Question: can we send Judy Cline back to PA? We have enough dummies in NC without adding transplanted ones. Just saying …

  9. Judy Cline is correct. sorry, Miss Pinky—

  10. Ya, he’ll be playing golf soon or going in vacation. Working overtime HAHAHAHA on his golf game maybe.

  11. So much for the states being “United”!

  12. Chessmaster…trump???? I’d give him queen odds and beat his punk ass!

  13. Elizabeth Wells | September 12, 2018 at 7:26 am | Reply

    I think its hilarious that you infer that the pussy grabbing president is a chess master, I literally spit my coffee out on my screen. I’m still laughing and trying to type. lol

  14. That is not funny. We are facing the loss of our house and all that we own as we evacuate NC today by order of the state and federal authorities. Your take on Trump is also not fair. Our economy has never been better and the man works overtime for our country. He is not dumb. You are. He is playing an international chess game to bring our enemies to heel and save our elitist, selfish, capitalistic economy. He is a chess master and you can’t see the forest for the trees. Find your humor elsewhere if you think you are a real patriot. We are former Pittsburghers and not proud of your site.

    • Judy.. I’m sorry you’ve suffered a loss of mental facilities as well as possibly your home an possessions. Trump is working overtime at his golf courses and at screwing us all but you seem to find him a hero. I hope you’re feeling better soon

    • Judy Cline – You’ll get Bounty Paper towels – that’s it. Repubs always talk about personal responsibility but you always have your hand out when the going gets tough. You mention a “real patriot”. If supporting a lying, cheating, stealing, genital grabbing idiot who thinks it’s OK to drug babies and lock them in cages, makes one a “patriot”, color me unpatriotic. The man has spent 25% of his time in office golfing, not “working overtime”. He doesn’t show up until 11:30 am after Tweeting “No Russian collusion”. He’s out of the Oval Office by 3 pm in time for his two Big Mac lunch. Trump is very dumb as he proves every single day. Stay tuned – the economy is on the verge of collapse and Dems WILL blame Trump. This site is awesome! Glad I found it. I am proud of my western PA ancestors who are NOT racists.

    • Judy, you are a special kind of stupid aren’t you.

    • What part of NC did you evacuate from?

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