National Association Of Small Penis Owners Holds Cosplay Event Downtown

(Pittsburgh, PA) For all the damage it’s done, the coronavirus did not stop the National Association of Small Penis Owners (NASPO) from holding a cosplay street fair on Grant street today. With the city otherwise on lockdown there was plently of street parking available for the large pickup trucks that are the prefered transportation mode of small penis owners, though a number of red sports cars were also seen which are usually owned by older members of the organization. Though the event was in direct violation of stay-at-home orders, the participants insisted their cosplay streetfair be allowed to take place.

“Our right to compensate for our dimunitive phalluses by dressing up and playing soldier must not be infringed!”

On the lighter side, awards were given out for most ingenious concealment of a beer gut, best George Washington In Drag costume, and most innovative desecration of the US Flag.

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5 Comments on "National Association Of Small Penis Owners Holds Cosplay Event Downtown"

  1. Their new slogan: Small penises come together

  2. I’m sure who ever posted this article knows all about small penises and has probably had a few

  3. So if you own a firearm you have a small penis?? Lol what a joke to post this

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