National Funeral Directors Association Praises Primanti’s New Pierogi Sandwich

Local culinary powerhouse Primanti Brothers has added a new product – the pierogi-filled sandwich – to their menu, and it’s proving a big hit with many, including the National Funeral Directors Association which even issued a press release expressing its enthusiasm.

“The NFDA has always been a big fan of fries in a sandwich and putting butter-laden cheesy peirogies inside instead sounds even better!”

Area cardiologist Andrew Visericzh MD espoused a more nuanced view.

“As a medical doctor bound by the Hippocratic oath I cannot approve of this, but, as a guy with two mortgages and kids to put through college, I say Hell Yeah!”

The collaboration between Mrs. T’s and the popular restaurant chain is currently a limited edition item, but if Pittsburgh knows what’s not good for it, which it most certainly does, the pierogi sandwich could well be here to stay.

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