Nation’s Horses Terrified Trump Will Try To Ride Them

The equine population of the United States is said to be highly agitated following the release of picture by North Korean State media showing Kim Jong-un atop a white horse riding through snow-covered mountains.

“Nothing will calm them.”

Their concern is that this, coupled with previous pictures of Vladimir Putin riding a horse bare-chested, will convince Trump this is something all apsiring ruthless dictators need to do.

“They’re drawing straws to determine who will be sacrificed first.”

The overweight US President is not known to be an expert rider, which only increases the horses’ fears he will cause them great injury or worse.

“And when something goes wrong you know he’s going to blame us for it.”

Many wild horses are said to already be fleeing for Mexico and Canada just in case.

“If there’s a wall in the way we’ll simply go over it like any human would.”

9 Comments on "Nation’s Horses Terrified Trump Will Try To Ride Them"

  1. It’s also a matter of attention. Kim Jong-Un is riding. Putin has his attention mostly elsewhere.

  2. Kim appears to be cantering and in control and with a good seat, contrast with Putin who appears to be walking and has uneven reins without appearing to want to direct his horse to the left.

  3. I guarantee you Kim Jong-Un has never been on a horse in his entire life

    • Danalexa Jimenez | October 19, 2019 at 9:53 pm | Reply

      Don’t be a wet blanket….just go with it.

    • TheBestDefense | October 21, 2019 at 3:42 pm | Reply

      Forget about being a wet blanket. Don’t be an idiot. The pic is real. One of the benefits of being a spoiled child is you get to ride horses when you want. Kim Jong-Un has been riding since he was a child

  4. If he decides to ride, make sure it is a draft breed

  5. Best article I’ve seen all day!

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