NBC Today Show In Severe Danger Of Becoming Watchable As Matt Lauer Is Fired

Matt Lauer has been let go from the Today Show, after allegations surfaced that he exploited his considerable power at the network to engage in lewd behavior and sexually harass female staff.

But some worry that rushing to oust Lauer – though perhaps considered prudent in the current environment – will drastically disrupt the delicate calculus that makes the Today Show what it is.

“Without Matt Lauer as lead host, the Today Show could actually become watchable. Have they even thought about that?”

They cite as evidence the immediate effect on the show, such as when co-host Savannah Guthrie was joined by Hoda Kotb to say they were shaken by events but promised to maintain a level of dignity and report on the issue like the journalists they are.

“Dignity? Journalism? It’s barely been 24 hours and already the Today Show has changed beyond all recognition!”

Others lamented the passing of a simpler more innocent time, when NBC anchors would be let go for comparatively harmless transgressions like making up stories about being struck by enemy fire in a warzone.

“At least if they replace Matt Lauer with Brian Williams, we won’t have to face factual reporting first thing in the morning, and the Today Show can remain something the ridiculous program we’ve always known it to be.”

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