Neanderthals Slam President Biden For Comparing Them To Republican Governors

Representatives of the Neanderthal community today criticized President Biden for comments describing the relaxation of mask guidelines by Republican governors as ‘Neanderthal thinking’.

“As a species of considerable intelligence that has already mastered the use of stone-based tools we take offence.”

They noted that throughout their history – despite not having any modern medical knowledge – they nevertheless took basic steps to prevent infection transmission.

“You homo sapiens have 3-layer masks and N-95s available during a pandemic and some of you won’t wear them? WTF!”

They further noted that Texas Governor Greg Abbott has become something of a celebrity in their circles since abandoning mask directives in his state, in terms of how he has influenced their lexicon.

“If one of us is acting like a total ignoramus now we say they’re acting like such an Abbott!”

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  1. Stupid is as stupid does.

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