New Twitter Owner Elon Musk Pledges To Make All Tweets Editable By Elon Musk

A longstanding complaint about the social media platform Twitter has been the lack of an edit button to allow users to correct or rephrase their tweets. But with the new owner, Elon Musk, having taken over the company, he said that is set to change.

“I know twitter users have long lamented the inability for tweets to be edited. But now they can be – by me!”

After users post tweets they don’t like, they can simply click the edit button – after which they will receive a notification that their tweet is in a queue to be edited by Musk.

“Unfortunately you will not be able to specify how you want your tweet to be edited – instead you must rely on Elon’s idea of how your tweet should be altered.”

Poorly written tweets – or those saying something Musk doesn’t like or not saying something he does like – may be entirely rewritten.

“If you tweet about your cat but want to correct a spelling error just hit the edit button. Don’t worry when you later find you have accused one of Elon Musk’s enemies of being a pedophile without evidence – that shows it’s working just fine!”

Though initially you have to press the edit button to have Elon Musk recraft your tweets, he soon plans to fully automate the process whereby your tweet is automatically revised by him.

“Free speech is back! You’re welcome everyone!”

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