Newest FOX News Commentator ‘Lyon Bar Crowd’ A Huge Hit With Viewers

FOX News may have had its set of setbacks recently, but its bad luck may have run its course after the latest commentator to be brought on board the channel is proving to be a massive hit.

“Lyon Bar Crowd is easily the best political pundit on cable news today.”

Viewers praised Lyon Bar Crowd for sticking to the point, and delivering a informed distilled message that clearly resonated with the country.

“I can’t wait to hear Lyon Bar Crowd’s opinion piece on Mitch McConnell.”

There’s even talk that Lyon Bar Crowd could fill the shoes of the late Alan Colmes.

“No disrespect to Alan, but I think Lyon Bar Crowd would be ever better at handling someone like Sean Hannity.”

Though Lyon Bar Crowd doesn’t expect an invitation to the White House anytime soon given its political stance, AOC has already extended and invitation.

“With her having bartender experience I expect it to be quickly accepted.”

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