NIH Scientists Discover Cure For Windmill Cancer

Just weeks after President Trump alerted the public to the terrible scourge of windmill cancer threatening the nation, scientists at the National Institutes of Health have announced they have found a cure that works with 100% efficacy.

“Ever since the President alerted us to this grave medical condition, our best minds have been working on it and we’re proud to say that we have won the war on wind cancer.”

NIH officials say there is a simple preventative treatment that will be added to the water supply, meaning there will be no more instances of it being diagnosed in future.

“Thankfully, windmill cancer is now a thing of the past.”

The NIH said it is looking forward to miraculously curing even more diseases discovered by President Trump in the future.

“Whenever the President discovers an epidemic of caravan cancer, we will be ready”

They have already requested a huge increase in their budget based on their amazing success to date in curing illnesses the President identifies.

6 Comments on "NIH Scientists Discover Cure For Windmill Cancer"

  1. Here in Oklahoma we have natural immunity to it!

  2. Darn! I already bought cancer reducing ear plugs.

  3. I am such a proud American right now. We have found a cure for wind cancer. Yau!

  4. Dont fall for it !! They claim that the cure is CLOGS – and that is why Dutch “Windmolen kanker” rates are so low – but NIH are just shills for Big Clog ! Dont fall for it !!!

  5. Mercury vaccines to the rescue

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