Nikki Haley Says Burning Crosses Were A Symbol Of Brotherly Love Before Dylann Roof Hijacked Them

As if murdering a group of churchgoers and destroying the reputation of the Confederate flag wasn’t bad enough, former Governor and UN ambassador Nikki Haley today accused Dylann Roof of destroying another one of America’s beloved symbols of peace and love – the burning cross.

“Often times generous-minded white men would go to their black neighbors homes and plant a burning cross on the front lawn just so they would have a way to warm themselves at night. It was all so nice – until Dylann Roof ruined it for everyone!”

Haley says she hopes that, with Roof now behind bars, no more wonderful loving gestures will be sullied.

“I’d hate to think that decent white folk will no longer be able to show people of color how to tie knots out of the kindness of their hearts.”

She concluded by saying how awful it was that the modern Neo-Nazi movement has given their forebears in the Third Reich such a bad reputation.

“It’s a disgrace, frankly.”

17 Comments on "Nikki Haley Says Burning Crosses Were A Symbol Of Brotherly Love Before Dylann Roof Hijacked Them"

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  4. Anyone with a reading comprehension can read that this blog clearly states it is satirical. Nikki Haley didn’t make those comments about burning crosses, however she did make some extremely idiotic comments about the Confederate flag and it wasn’t seen as a racist hate symbol until Dylan Roof. Which is completely not true because it is a symbol of racism and hate. Always has been and always will be.

  5. Republicans it’s over!!
    IMPEACHMENT….this is only one sided because Republicans don’t have any…trump is CORRUPT…the entire administration is CORRUPT…GOP IS CORRUPT…PERIOD!!

  6. As an African Americans retired disabled veteran I am tired of these satirical comments. It’s always at the expense of someone else. What I made a remark that was just as offensive? It would be all over as a racist comment. Nikki Haley knows better. This was quite sick and not funny at all. I grew up with the burning crosses in my front yard. Nikki, we didn’t go outside to get warm. Nor was it a joke. SMH

  7. Southern white boy | December 10, 2019 at 8:42 pm | Reply

    I fell for it until the warming part. Burning crosses often preceded lynchings. The lynchers did not just hang a person, terrible things done. If this is anybody’s idea of a joke, its sick not funny!

  8. THIS is a BIG part of the problem in America nowadays. Folks can’t even tell a joke, or funny story without someone gettin’ their panties in a wad. Color doesn’t make someone “bad”, or “racist”, or anything else except a different color maybe. The color of their heart is a different story, & you have no right to judge that, any more than I do. Take the jokes in the manner they were delivered & quit looking for bullshit. There’s bullshit everywhere, BUT, there’s also good folks, that just might not be paying attention attention to your feelings at that particular moment too.

  9. Too much. Not enough haters can read that this is satire. You KNOW it will be reposted as fact by ignorant people.

  10. Barbara F Blaisdell | December 8, 2019 at 2:35 pm | Reply

    OMG, much too serious a topic to make this a satirical target. Frankly, it’s awful. NOT entertained. BLEAAH !🤬

  11. Not overtly satirical enough for 2019

  12. Look up Poe’s Law.

  13. Wow. That zoomed over a head or two.

  14. Please NOTE !! The Breaking Burgh is “a Satirical blog serving Western Pennsylvania…”

  15. I sincerely hope this is a joke……. if she truly is this demented, she does not belong in government.

  16. Dwight d Wagers | December 7, 2019 at 8:16 pm | Reply

    Sorry ignorant white folk this isn’t going to work. Nikkie Haley, to you I call BS. Everyone knows that burning crosses wasn’t a way to help poor black folk stay warm at night. Fuck you! This was an intimidation factor and you know it.

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