President Trump: Nobody Knew Easter Egg Rolls Could Be So Complicated

“I have to tell you, it’s an unbelievably complex subject.”

So said President Trump today in response to a question on how arrangements for the traditional White House Easter Egg Roll were progressing.

“Nobody knew Easter Egg Rolls could be so complicated.”

Now that he is wrestling with the issue for real, Trump showered some rare praise on his predecessor, Barack Obama, who had to wrestle with this intricate issue eight times.

“I may not care for the type of Easter Eggs Rolls he organized, which were far too socialist, but kudos for managing to organize any at all.”

Trump spelled out a laundry list of the insurmountable problems involved, including having to be at the White House on Easter, and remembering to order the special commemorative wooden eggs before you need them.

“Fortunately they reached out to us and asked if we needed any this year because it takes time to make them. Close call!”

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  1. I have been seeing this posted for days.ON FACE BOOK. He is the president. Doesn’t he have people who TELL them things? Does he even listen to anyone ever, other than himself, cause he said he’s his own best advisor. I just wondered. I’m really tired of all this and it hasn’t been 100 days. How much can the American people take? REALLY? HOW MUCH?

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