‘Nobody Has A Sense Of Humor Anymore’ Complains Black-Faced Jeff Sessions

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is complaining that his reference to Hawaii as an ‘Island in the Pacific’ was just a joke and that nobody has a sense of humor anymore.

“You probably don’t like this minstrel makeup that I’m wearing either, when it’s nothing but a bit of fun.”

Sessions believes political correctness has gone too far when the highest law official in the land can’t make a simple joke diminishing the importance of a State when it comes to matters of constitutional import.

“Who’s the stuck-up one now?”

The Attorney General is well known for his joke calls, and was going to make some hilarious ones to death row inmates until he realized the stone-faced American public wouldn’t see the funny side.

“I’m sure they could have done with a good laugh as I revealed my last minute clemency was just a hilarious ruse. But instead they’ll go to their maker somber-faced.”

The constant scrutiny has apparently dented Sessions’ upbeat outlook, who isn’t jesting as much as he used to, even in private.

“Did you hear the one about the blonde-oh forget it.”

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