North Korea Ready To Sit Down With The United States For Face-To-Face Insults

The was new hope for peace in the Korean peninsula today after word came via Russian intermediaries that Kim Jong-un’s Government is prepared to sit across the table from United States representatives to engage in direct insults.

“They want to move beyond this impasse of insulting each other indirectly.”

This would build upon the groundwork of indirect insults already exchanged, with President Trump calling Kim Jong-un ‘Little Rocketman’ and the North Korean leader skillfully countering with ‘Dotard’.

Foreign affairs experts believe the two leaders have what it takes to engage in high-stakes bilateral insults.

“President Trump has tenacity and no shame when it comes to roiling in the muck, while Dear Leader Jong-un knows how to dig deep to find the perfect insult that really makes you stop and think.”

However, President Trump has not yet committed to the proposal and is secretly believed to be happy with the status quo.

“He appears to be content limiting engagement with North Korea to that venerated forum of international diplomacy known as twitter.”

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