North Korea Releases Coin To Commemorate Historic Nuclear Summits

(Pyongyang, DPRK) After already being spoiled by the premature release of a coin by President Trump to celebrate the nuclear summit between the USA and North Korea before it was clear it would happen, numismatists were given a further treat today with the release of a coin by the totalitarian nation in honor of the summits that have taken place so far.

“Collectors of tacky political memorabilia in minted form have never had it so good.”

The release of the coin was officiated by none other that Kim Jong-un himself, on the same day that he orderd a new round of  missile launches. At an unveiling  in Pyongyang he personally introduced the ceremonial coin to the world.

“With this coin I say in the words of that great statesman, Nelson, ‘Ha Ha’ to the Dotard.”

It is not expected to have as great a value as Trump’s coin, however, as coins issued by mistake tend to be worth more.

“It seems clear Lil’ Rocketman knows exactly what he is doing.”

Kim hopes to bring in valuable foreign currency by licensing his Dotard coin to other nations, such as Russia and China.

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  1. Hey I have that one! Mine was put out by Iran in 2015!!!


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