North Korean Leader Studying Trump’s Press Conference To Hone Crazy Skills

(Pyongyang, DPRK) North Korean despot Kim Jong-un gave instructions that he was not to be disturbed today as he would be busy studying videotape of President Donald Trump’s recent press conference in an effort to hone his technique.

Though widely regarded as the world’s most insane leader who lives out a fantastical life of cult worship, Kim has admitted privately that he feels he still has much to learn from the new American President.

Despite impressive crazed-authoritarian credentials such as having his brother killed by people who thought it was a TV prank, Kim feels outdone by Trump in many areas, and is especially impressed by Trump’s ability to distort reality in an open society.

“He accuses people of doing to him the very thing he’s doing to them. And the bit about saying his inauguration was the biggest ever despite all those photos? Genius!”

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  1. He is just filling time till Steve Bannon can call him back with policy tips.

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