Norway To Build Border Wall And Make Sweden Pay For It

(Oslo, Kingdom of Norway) Having been alerted to the horrific terror attacks plaguing Sweden recently, the Norwegian government has decided it will not stand idly by and let the horrendous violence spread to its territory.

“We’d like to thank President Trump for bringing these atrocities in our backgarden to our attention.”

In order to protect itself, Norway has decided to build a secure wall along the border between the two countries that runs through the Scandinavian Mountains.

“Some losers are saying a fence would be better – don’t listen to them.”

Despite experts saying the wall would be enormously difficult to construct and could easily be bypassed using ladders or tunnels, Minister of Migration and Integration Sylvi Listhaug insisted on twitter using the hashtag #Byggenmur that she will not be deterred.

The construction of the wall through rugged mountainous terrain is expected to cost an enormous sum, however that will not pose a problem.

“We’re going to make Sweden pay for it.”

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  2. John Moody (Canadian Moose and Elk expert.) | February 27, 2017 at 2:06 pm | Reply

    Talk about getting off subject!! lol

  3. We can pay for “The Wåll” ourselves with our oil cash. No Lego or IKEA will suffice

  4. Thank you all Norse people who have brightened an otherwise dismal Sunday in the U.S.

  5. If they build a wall, it will be harder to get my bacon!! NO WALLS! ?

  6. LOL. Thanks for lightening up the US stupidity!

  7. and border patrolled by Norwegian Elkhounds!!

  8. There was a case for a wall at the Finnish border when the Swedish government supported human trafficking and a stream of illegal invaders poured in to Finland.

  9. To Roy; Sorry, but none of us have EURO as our currency. We have Kroner , – Danish, Norwegian and Swedish?.

  10. If the Norwegians buy the wall at Ikea, it will take forever to assemble it.

  11. FATAL DECISION: If we block the border to Sweden it will be nearly impossible to order a beer at the pubs or getting a meal in restaurants.

  12. Faan ta Norge!!!!! Jag är halvnorsk så vilken jävla förolämpning.

  13. Personally, I think the Norwegians should negotiate with their friends in Denmark – they have a plentiful supply of bricks there and I have found that walls made out of Lego can be quite substantial. The advantage of course is that It will be relatively easy for Sweden to pay directly to Denmark, as both countries have Euro as their currency.

    • the idea is brilliant…. BUT Denmark has not got Euro.. but kroners 😉

    • Danish bricks and lego is a perfect idea… alas, none of the countries use Euros; all use their own kroner (Swedish kroner, Danish kroner, Norwegian kroner)

  14. Sune Nordqvist | February 24, 2017 at 6:03 am | Reply

    We have been sneakswedified for many years now. First they came disguised as bartenders, and now some of them even *own property* here. We’re doomed i tell ya

  15. Seems legit since Sweden have had some terrible terrorist attacks with no less the 10 victims in total since 1908 (sic!)… No sorry 7! 3 of the victims were actually terrorists…. And Norway with more than 77 since 2008…

    • Sorry Patrik, but the 77 killed by a blue eyed blond Christian Norwegian sGoulding cout as terrorism. It was unfortunate case of mental illness:(0

      • Naturally the Alt-Right movement could not count that as a terrorist attack. It was done by what they would call a brother-in-arms, a patriot and a firm opposer off the leftwing fake News media. Norways true patriots however will take turns pissing on his grave when the time comes!

  16. Ni kan behålla Brevik. Honom vill ni inte ha. Kolla även med danskarna så kanske ni kan köpa lite lego. Det passar bättre än massa IKEA-möbler stablade

  17. And punish Breivik the way they often did it in Good Old China: Lift him up to the wall and throw him out of the country.

  18. Abdulrahman Abu Lail | February 23, 2017 at 3:54 pm | Reply

    Made by IKEA and fund by the Swedish government. .

  19. Hey – while a modular wall delivered by IKEA would be great in terms of ease of construction, we don’t trust it will be able to withstand the northern climate of moisture, wind and harsh glances – and it won’t be compatable with any universal standards in terms of parts for 3rd party replacements and repairs. At this point we’re considering a solid construction of stacked tørrfisk.

  20. It doesn’t even follow the border, it’s straight in the picture.
    Remember that the wall provider is Swedish, IKEA, we might not sell to you :p

  21. LOL

    Correct Norwegian would be #Byggeenmur actually. And Solberg would probably have left it up to bigot immigration minister Sylvi Listhaug to speak about this wall. 🙂

  22. Satire folks

  23. BULLSHIT ;(

  24. Against wolfs and elks

    • Northern Europe doesn’t have elks. Elks are indigenous to North-America and North-East Asia…

      • Are you stupid ? Norway is full of elks

      • We do have elks. Moose however we do not have.

      • Yes we have a 100,0000 of elks and wolws

      • Norway have Elk (UK word for ELG), In US they use the name Moose. The US moose is bigger then the Norwegian Moose. However, US have an animal called ELK (also called wapiti) that is in the Deer family and a lot bigger than our local Deers (Hjort)

      • Hahahaha, stupid kid ?

      • Moose=American English & Elk B. English.

        • One of the common problems that people seem to run into while trying to differentiate between animals, is when they have to try and tell the difference between a moose and an elk. Not many people are able to do this, simply because of the fact that they don’t know what the difference between the two is. However, even though this is the case, there is still a fine difference between the two.

          The first main issue is the fact that the names of these animals are fairly similar. In Europe, the animal that the Americans call the moose is known as an elk. While on the other hand, the animal that is referred to as an elk in America, is known as a wapiti in Europe. However, despite the difference in the names, they all belong to the deer family. The deer family consists of a number of different animals and the elk and the moose both belong to it.

          The moose holds the honours of being the largest deer, and it can be easily distinguished from the rest, simply because of its large size, the massive antlers that it has and its nose. The elk is a little smaller and doesn’t have the same nose as a moose. In fact, they have a shaggy sack around their neck. However, even though elk are smaller compared to moose, they are still bigger, when compared to other deer.

          So basically, the main difference between the moose and the elk is the fact that the moose are the biggest deer out there, they have massive antlers and a very distinguishable nose. On the other hand, the elk are slightly smaller in size, but they don’t have the same nose as a moose, instead they have a little shaggy area around their necks.

      • But these are illegal immigrat elks!

      • Daniel L. Ciske | February 27, 2017 at 4:29 pm | Reply

        They call North American moose elk over there and vice versa.

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