Notorious RBG To Sexually Harass The Hell Out Of Trump Until He Changes Career

Donald Trump has let it be known that he believes victims of sexual harassment in the workplace should address their problem by choosing another career. The controversial opinion, which has been echoed by his son Eric, has drawn extensive criticism.

But the revelation has been received with glee by US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

“What’s good for the goose is good for the dangerously unstable misogynistic gander that’s running for President I presume!”

The popular justice has been criticized for vocalizing her opposition to Trump in the past, so she plans to instead get him to leave politics by exploiting his belief that people who feel sexually harassed should simply change their career.

“Something tells me domineering 83-year-old women are not his type, so I expect my highly aggressive sexual advances will be interpreted by Donald as blatant harassment.”

Ginsburg is reportedly chomping at the bit to engage in unsolicited one-way filthy talk with the Republican nominee as well as slapping his asscheeks raw without asking.

“I won’t enjoy it but I’ll gladly do whatever it takes to preserve this great Constitutional Republic we call the United States of America.”

Even if Ginsburg is not able to follow through for any reason, Senator Elizabeth Warren has indicated she is more than ready to take one for the team. And if all else fails, Hillary Clinton herself has promised to drive the crazed Reality TV star from the national stage by making repeated vulgar passes at him for as long as necessary.

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