NRA Members Told To Use Their KKK Memberships For Discounts Instead

Image credit: 'NRA Wayne LaPierre' by Flickr user Michael Vadon license CC BY 2.0.

Corporate sponsors are dropping the NRA like a hot potato, forcing Wayne LaPierre to admit members are going to lose some of the benefits like cheaper car rentals and hotel discounts that they are used to.

Rank and File members were told to look on the bright side, however, as many have memberships in other groups that should still have benefits.

“If you need to rent a cheap compact from Hertz hopefully there’s a CDP code for the KKK.”

LaPierre urged everyone to learn what benefits they get though their various White Nationalist organizations in these trying times.

“I’m sure Delta gives bonus miles for frequent flyers who are in the American Nazi Party.”

LaPierre then reminded NRA members who are straight white males that they still retain most of the benefits of being a member of the United States.

“As a deal it simply can’t be beat.”

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  1. I don’t know who you are, people, but I love you.

  2. Yeah, showing your swastika tattoo will do it every time.

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