NRA Unveils Drivable Gun That Doesn’t Require Registration Or A License To Operate

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has entered the private automobile market with the announcement of the first gun that is also a car by President Wayne LaPierre.

“It’s a fully functional vehicle you can use to get around but it’s also a firearm so you don’t need to register it and can take it anywhere except into some classrooms which we are working on.”

Since its primary status as a gun is protected under the Second Amendment, LaPierre says all the usual restrictions associated with driving simply fall away.

“Sidewalks, public plazas, and restaurants without posted notices – they are all fair game to drive your guncar on or into.”

Another advantage is that if you harm anyone with your guncar, either by shooting them or getting drunk and running them over, the manufacturer or bar can’t be sued and you will likely not face prosecution.

“If you’re a dangerous driver with a paranoid fear of the government, the guncar is for you.”

6 Comments on "NRA Unveils Drivable Gun That Doesn’t Require Registration Or A License To Operate"

  1. Calls It Likes I Seez It | January 3, 2018 at 9:14 pm | Reply

    Only quotes himself – what an authority on the subject!

  2. Well… except for the fact that your imaginative image shows a gun with a bore of several inches making it a destructive device. So the manufacturer will require a type 10 FFL, and dealerships will need a type 9. Buyers will have to pass background checks, buy a tax stamp, register the weapon with the feds, and be subject to ATF inspections. But for folks totally ignorant of existing law, this might be funny.

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