Obama Apologizes For Wearing That Tan Suit “I Now See How Much I Degraded The Presidency”

Former President Barack Obama said today it was high time he addressed the issue of how he sullied the Presidency by wearing a tan suit when he was in office.

“I should have known it at the time, as this was by far the biggest issue my Republican opponents raised when it came to Presidential decorum, but in my arrogance I thought it was no big deal.”

Obama says the period since he left the White House has allowed him time to reflect on how much he, together with the support of Democrats, demeaned the Office.

“Nothing is more important than maintaining the dignity of the highest office in the land. Sadly, I selfishly put that at risk by wearing a well-tailored summer suit in a lighter hue.”

Also apologizing for her disgraceful behavior is former First Lady Michelle Obama.

“I made some fashion choices that resulted in my arms being bare. Please forgive me for the shame I have brought upon this great nation.”

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20 Comments on "Obama Apologizes For Wearing That Tan Suit “I Now See How Much I Degraded The Presidency”"

  1. Fruck you all | March 18, 2020 at 9:50 pm | Reply

    he should apologize for not addressing the swine flu on time, it took him 6 fucking months.

  2. What we wouldn’t give to have your eloquent words at the podium again. And to have someone who actually worked then sitting on his ass tweeting all day and playing golf.

  3. Do…do people understand this a satire site and Obama didn’t actually say this? I get that we live in the Upside-Down now, but Jesus Christ.

  4. I loved the tan suit.

  5. That suit. I told my husband what a handsome looking man you were many times before. He’s a Conservative. But that day with that suit he really was so jealous. Anyway Michelle, I was so jealous of you with the bare arms. I’m 78 so you get the picture.

    We Liberals always felt like your family was like our family. Now we have fatso and ice statue, so it’s hard to identify with them. Heck we don’t even want to identify with them. Thanks for your service. We will always love and miss you both.

  6. What one is wearing is an issue? Seriously? I don’t care about THAT! I mean it’s not like either of them making a speech in a T-shirt and sweatpants. I care about what the person SAYS and BELIEVES and how he/she BEHAVES and that sort of thing! THAT’S what really counts!

  7. I don’t like this even though it’s satire because I’m sure it will be taken as truth and probably quoted that way by the literary midgets that make up so many in the Repunlican Party. They’re stealing our democracy right under our eyes. The Blue Tsunami can’t come fast enough!

  8. The degradation of the White House began in the Senate with McConnell and the fool Republican’s in the House. We changed half of that but those fools are still there. Obama was a man of honor , not the corrupt loser we have today that joined up with the Senate to change America from *we the people to sold to the highest bidder. The suit looks just fine, Mr President. No apologies necessary.

  9. President Obama and First Lady, no apology needed. What you and the young ladies brought to American people was pride. Not one moment of your time in office were there any regrets. We love and miss you…
    The greatest President in my lifetime.

  10. You handled the obstructionism from McConnell and his lackies with grace.

  11. Phil Slocombe | June 16, 2019 at 7:29 am | Reply

    We miss you and your families leadership, wisdom, and class. We had a very strong special relationship with America during your Presidency. The Orange buffoon in the W. H. is unfit to lick your boots.

  12. “tan suit”…. I see what you did there 😂

  13. You have nothing to apologize for. You and your family where wonderful for our nation. And you, Mr. President are a great leader and one I am extremely proud of.

  14. Thank You for the Apologies.This Country can now get things back in order….😅😅😅

  15. All I’m waiting for is to be able to read the Orange Jerk Off’s Epitaph on a headstone.Then I will know the world is safe.

  16. At least Obama’s ties were the proper length. Oops that’s right he was in shape. Didn’t need the extension.

  17. I look forward to a million apologies from the current person in the WH.

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