Obama Disappointed By Empty Job Search Results On Monster

While searching for a new job, former President Barrack Obama has expressed frustration at the limited job hits he’s coming up with on sites like Monster.com

“I diligently entered search terms relevant to my experience – appointing Supreme Court Justices, ordering drone strikes, and pardoning turkeys – and all I got was Uber Driver which everyone gets.”

Obama says he also filled out an online query form for a headhunter agency that looked like a good match. He appreciated the fact that no credit card information was needed upfront, as it only asked for basic information and if you got on well with others in the workplace.

“I said I would if they weren’t out to get me because they’re beholden to special interests and the Tea Party. I’ve yet to receive a callback but it’s still only 4.30pm.”

Most promising are some gigs he found on Craigslist that he’s already responded to asking what modes of courtesy transportation like cars and helicopters they provide.

“It’s best to be upfront about your demands early on. I’m feeling really good about mbghjjgbz-[email protected]. Hopefully I’ll get an email soon.”

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