Obama Disappointed To Find Jury Summons Is Not To Try Trump

Barack Obama has received a jury summons which he intends to comply with now that he is an ordinary citizen again.

Though he says he will enjoy doing his civic duty, No. 44 admits some disappointment that it will not be related to the Mueller investigation.

“When I saw Jury Summons in bold letters on the envelope my heart skipped. For five minutes I was literally walking on air!”

But once he opened it to find it was from the Cook County state court he knew it was unlikely to be related to President Trump or his associates.

“Gosh darn it!”

But Obama still likes to dream that through some obscure legal mechanism Robert Meuller will indict members of the Trump Administration in an Illinois State court.

“Would I be unbiased? I am legendary for being a cool rational man well versed in the law. So hell no!”

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