Obama Enters 2020 Race As Biden’s Running Mate

On learning that Mike Bloomberg was considering picking Hillary Clinton to be his running mate, former President Barack Obama has decided this is a party he can’t sit out according to struggling candidate, Joe Biden.

“I just received a text that said ‘F**k it, Joe, I’m in’ folllowed by the hashtags #BidenObama2020 #TeamSwap”

Biden is said to be delighted at the prospect to add Obama to his ticket which he feels will revive his chances. His only concern was that Obama might try to be a back seat driver should Biden win.

“But he said just give him Space and opening schools since he’s done with the high stress thing.”

Meanwhile Michelle Obama and Oprah are considering joining the fray with a rotating ticket.

“It’ll be six months of President Obama II followed by six months of President Winfrey on repeat #UknowUwantThis”

Political analysts says that after shrinking down from 20 candidates over the last few months, the field for the Democratic nomination is now projected to just keep getting bigger and bigger.

“The smart money says The Rock will enter next.”

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  1. Love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I think its stupid.

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