ODE TO WENDY BELL by Breaking Burgh

It’s a bittersweet day at BB which may only be matched by the mixed feelings we will doubtlessly have when that other fountain of inspiration we depend on – Donald J Trump – loses his job in the weeks to come. Such complex stirrings felt deep in the core of our being can only be expressed one way – through bad poetry we spent all of ten minutes on. Enjoy…

All across the fruited plain

Your absence causes Trumpers pain

No longer can you spew your hate

Or silence callers that aren’t great

And all because you dared to say

Let’s shoot the people in our way

Fans must live without their Wendy

And hearing how your Joe’s an MD

But what is next for Pittsburgh’s Angel

Maybe something vile on cable?

7 Comments on "ODE TO WENDY BELL by Breaking Burgh"

  1. Just so you know,you’re only a racist when you’re a racist
    Why so upset about being called out on hateful behavior??
    You guys are so super tough, you’d think you wouldn’t be so whiny about being called what you are

  2. Large Toilet Seat | September 11, 2020 at 9:42 pm | Reply

    Wendy Bell, may you burn in hell

  3. For the ignorant ass who wrote the poem…Wendy Bell only said what we are all thinking, unless you want Biden/Harris and socialism…such a fool

  4. Liberal inner city trash is just as bad in Pittsburgh as it is in Portland , NYC , rochester and many other democratic cities .
    If you say a word about their trash way of life , you are labeled a racist !
    Time for a good time of fashion civil war to flip the soil on their worthless liberal know nothing racist dead asses ! Let me know when it starts So I don’t miss the festivities !

  5. Wendy Bell is the voice of ALL us “ silent majority”. Such a leftist, cowardly move to fire her because she was speaking TRUTH unlike the rest of the left. Wendy WILL come back and she’ll be larger than life; leaving your shitshow of a radio station in the cow patty hole it belongs.

  6. Wendy Bell is the voice of us hard working American conservatives. The democratic liberals are out of hand, rioting, protesting and trying to take down our monuments. No respect for anybody.

  7. I feel so bad that I quit watching channel 4 when they fired her. Please let the nation know this crazy bitch doesn’t represent Pittsburgh. I feel so sorry for you and your family. Good luck with rush or faux

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