Officials Say Mar-a-Lago Infected With Vile Insidious Pathogen & There’s COVID Too

(Mar-a-Lago, FL) Florida health department officials warned today that there is a deadly dangerous pathogen loose in the Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach and cautioned the public to avoid contact lest they become infected.

“You should also know there’s a COVID outbreak there too, in addition to the vile pathogen that is circulating freely.”

COVID was detected among staff in recent days, leading to a partial shut-down, though medical experts say the other pathogen first appeared in the resort many weeks ago.

“We estimate it arrived here towards the end of January, and has primarily infected the dinner patio and the golf course.”

They say many people, including the former First Lady in residence, have done a commendable job trying to avoid contact with the pathogen, but not everyone is complying with their recommendations.

“Unfortunately there has been a steady stream of senior Republicans who ignore these important guidelines.”

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  1. Is the vile, insidious, pathogen Trumpkin? Let’s get him out of the USA. Maybe he could go to North Korea.

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