Online Retailer Amazon To Start Selling Cannabis

Giant online retailer Amazon (AMZN) has long since moved beyond its origins as a bookseller and now competes in many markets, including entertainment production. So it should come as no surprise that founder Jeff Bezos has his eye on the latest area of commerce to become legal, the blossoming recreational marijuana market.

“I’d like to announce our latest initiative, Prime Toker, which will allow you to buy the finest weed using our easy one click ordering process.”

Bezos says the lucrative weed market is a perfect fit for Amazon, unlike booze which is heavy and therefore less appealing from a shipping standpoint.

“With our Prime Toker app soon to come preinstalled on all our Fire tablets, you will be able to have the best skunk arrive at your door within 48 hours via free prime shipping, or within a hour via drone delivery for a small upcharge if you need to get baked straight away.”

Just like with their cheap high quality tablets that are not meant to be directly profitable but encourage content purchases instead, Amazon’s rock bottom prices for top notch cannabis is also part of a larger plan.

“People who are pleasantly stoned buy more stuff.”

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