Oral B Company Furious At Being Left Out Of Lucrative Border Camp Business

Management of the company that manufacturers the Oral B toothbrushes left President Trump in no doubt today at how despicable they found his administration’s action at the US border.

“All kinds of other companies are getting to make out like bandits from this, so why not us?”

They claim that the concrete industry and makers of chickenwire fencing and blinding spotlights are all ‘making a killing’, while they are being left out in the cold.

“Throughout history camps like these have always turned a tidy profit – we just want our fair share.”

Soap manufacturers also complained that they too were being prevented from selling their products to the Government for a nice profit. They demanded Trump take immediate action to rectify the situation, and would also like some free publicity like he has been know to give the paper towel industry following natural disasters.

“If we don’t see the President throwing bars of Irish Spring at child detainees in the very near future we are going to be seriously pissed.”

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