OSCARS Hoping To Out-White Itself This Year With Jimmy Kimmel And La La Land

Following last years OSCARs So White protests when all the major nominees were white, people are expecting something different this time around, and it looks to be the case on the surface.

However, despite a much more diverse group of nominees drawn from high quality film about people of color like Fences and Moonlight, Academy voters feel they have enough to work with to make this year’s Oscars white as the driven snow.

“In a way, if we can pull it off this year it will be even more impressive than ever before.”

Their confidence they can achieve their goal comes from the presence of a number of powerhouse white-as-can-be nominations.

“Thank you, Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, and La La Land for making this easy for us.”

Hosting duties have fallen to Jimmy Kimmel, which fits in perfectly with plans to make this the whitest Oscars ever. Some confused voting members were under the impression it was Jimmy Fallon, but said it’s hardly a mistake that matters.

“Whatever – it’s a late-nite caucasian funnyman, so we’re plenty comfortable.”

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